Installation notes

Software Requirements

  • OS: release was tested on Windows, Ubuntu and Debian
  • Java JDE 1.6 (I had a successful try with openjdk-6-jre package on Ubuntu 10.10, but it's not thoroughly tested)
  • Eclipse JDT 3.6

Eclipse update site

EclihX project can be downloaded and installed automatically with eclipse interface using "Help->Install New Software..." menu item (see the sections below for the detailed tutorial for the first install or an update).

An update site with the latest release version (Don't hesitate to install from trunk, it's currently preferable because of several important fixes):

If you want to get the most recent features and bug fixes and ready to test new functionality, you can install eclihx from the following update site:

Eclihx first install

  1. Start the Eclipse and open menu item "Help->Install New Software..."
  2. Click the "Add" button
  3. Copy an update site link to the "Location" field and name your new update site

  4. Select an "Eclihx Plugin Feature" checkbox and proceed with "Next >" (Please, uncheck "Group items by category" if you don't see any features)

  5. Step over the details and the licence pages clicking "Next >"
  6. There will be a security message that will warn you about installing not signed jars. Just click the OK button
  7. Restart the Eclipse to finish the installation.
You can see the full screencast of installation process if any problems appear.

How to update to the new version

After you have added the update site during the first installation of Eclihx you can update easily with "Help->Check For Updates". This menu item will start a long running operation of inspecting all known update sites for the new versions. If your local version is out of date, the manager will suggest you to update.

You can also avoid waiting for the browsing all available update sites with using Help->Install New Software... wizard and selecting desired update site in "Work with:" field. Eclipse will inspect only this site for new version and will warn you about intention to do an update instead of clean install.