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Eclihx 0.4.0

posted Mar 19, 2011, 3:53 AM by Nikolay Krasko   [ updated Mar 19, 2011, 3:28 PM ]
I'm glad to announce a new 0.4.0 version of eclihx. The main reason for this release is a desire to add a number of fixes concerning the Problem View on linux. Quick navigation to the error places is very important feature in eclihx and I was very upset it didn't work in 0.3.0. Also this release contains an updated parser for hxml files with support of haxe 2.07 new options. Next, starting from this version you can comment the blocks of haxe code with single shortcut.

You can read how to update to new version in updated tutorial.

Also I would like to inform eclihx users that I'm currently working on outline view support. I hope that resolving that issue will give me more information about haxe code in project and will give a chance to implement other code relative features. The other important thing that can be done for a better content assist behavior is described in More enhancements for --display option issue in haxe issue tracker. Probably you can star that issue if you're interested in prioritized resolving.