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Themes with EclipseColorThemes plug-in

posted Mar 3, 2012, 3:32 PM by Nikolay Krasko   [ updated Mar 3, 2012, 3:40 PM ]
Now you can easily select your own best color theme for haXe and hxml editor. The source of this magic is amazing EclipseColorThemes plug-in which is now supported in eclihx. The ability of this plug-in to change a habitual editor look so strongly and so simply is really fantastic.

An installation process contains two simple steps. First you will need to install EclipseColorThemes plugin itself. It could be done easily with the help of instructions available at official site. 

Support of themes plug-in is optional and should be installed separately. It's almost like installing eclihx itself so I won't describe it in great details:
  • Open Help -> Install New Software dialog 
  • Select or add update site in the field "Work with:"
  • Uncheck Group by categories checkbox
  • And perform an ordinal installation for EclipseColorTheme support feature
The usage section of EclipseColorThemes is really short: "After the installation, go to Window→Preferences→General→Appereance→Color Theme to change the color theme."

If there will be any problems with the install process or using of EclipseColorTheme integration please feel free to ask a question at Eclihx Google Group.

I hope you will enjoy it! :)