Eclihx is free for everybody and I am pleased your attention to it. If you would like to support eclihx somehow, you can do it in several ways. Whatever it was, I would be much obliged to you, because I put much effort into this project and development, planning, support and testing takes a lot of time.
  1. There is a lot of possibilities to use eclihx within cooperation with other eclipse plug-ins for a better development environment. For example use JavaScript target with some JS development script tools. If you have tested such plugins cooperation and found it useful please write a post with your experience and email me, I'm ready to post it on this site or give a link to your personal blog.

  2. Submit a bug report or add an enhancement into project task tracking system.

  3. I will definitely not able to support all number of OS distributions and versions. So I would be appreciate for help on the forums and mailing lists with support.